Bankrilada’s Manee

Import of Thailand
Sexe: Female
Colour: White and Brown
Date of birth: 14 October 2015
Breeder: Uthen Pholbun
Eyes: Clear
Champion of Serbia,
Champion of Denmark (to be confirmed)
Champion of Luxembourg
Vice World Winner 2018
European Junior Winner 2016
Europasieger ’17
DCNH Clubsieger ’17
Benelux Winner Lux ’17
Bundesjeugendsieger ’16
Benelux Junior Winner ’16
Benelux Youth Winner NL ’16
Benelux Youth Champion ’16
#1 Thai bangkaew dog Benelux 2018 (dogzine)

manee-nat manee-thomas manee-bundes manee-frontDSC_7228